Sue Hart

Principal, Consulting Actuary

Milliman, Inc.

Sue is a principal and consulting actuary with the Houston office of Milliman.  She joined the firm in 1995.  Sue’s area of expertise is health insurance. Her clients include insurers, HMOs, employers, government entities, and providers. Sue has advised clients on the design and pricing of insurance programs, the projection and monitoring of financial results, and strategic planning. Her experience includes financial analyses associated with commercial individual, small group, and large group business, Medicaid, and uninsured populations.

Sue has extensive experience in the Texas health insurance markets, including commercial and Medicaid business, with a broad statewide view as well as the health plan perspective.  She served as the actuary for the Texas Health Insurance Pool (THIP), the state’s high risk pool, from its inception in 1997 until its closure in 2015, including the development of premium rates, financial projections, total funding needs, and other ad hoc work. 

She has lead multiple projects analyzing the impact of healthcare reform proposals and changes to legislation related to health insurance in Texas and other states and on a federal level.  These projects include studies in Texas related to mandated benefits, programs to expand health insurance coverage in the state, and the impact of federal healthcare reform.   

In the time since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Sue has assisted multiple health plans as they moved into the Health Insurance Marketplace starting in 2014 and revised their business plans and offerings in response to changing laws and guidance at the federal and state level.  She has also tracked the impact of federal healthcare reform on the insurance markets in Texas, including individual, small group, Medicaid, and the uninsured.

Sue is originally from Wisconsin, where she earned a BS in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin.