Clint Phillips



Medici is the future of the doctor-patient relationship, enabling you to text, call or video with all of your medical providers from a single, compliant app. Medici’s leadership comprises executives from Amazon, John Hopkins, Google, and 2nd. MD. It is headquartered in Austin with offices in Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris and Johannesburg.


HTA - Tell us a little about yourself, your family and what inspired you to create Medici?

I describe myself in 3 words. Family, Faith, Fast.

Family - My family is my greatest blessing, and I try to invest heavily into them. My daughter, Gabi, having a stroke and being paralyzed on her right side, pushed us to start 2nd.MD, the leading 2nd opinion platform now serving 10 million members in the US.

Faith - My Christian faith is what drives and inspires me to attempt great things that will change the world. Medici was born out of seeing how miserable healthcare was becoming for doctors and their patients. We are attempting to make healthcare incredible for 1 billion people.

Fast - I love speed in business, cars, life etc. I'm training my brain to listen to audio-books at 3X speed, and my body to beat my 400m track time from high school. Not easy at 42 years old.

HTA - Medici’s leadership team came from Amazon, Under Armour, Google, Vitality, KPMG and others; what was your recruiting pitch?

Our team is insanely impressive, but the recruiting pitch was different for everyone of them. Our leader from Amazon was fed up watching someone die in a hospital and wanted to fix it. Our team member from Under Armour wants to see digital health change the world. Our leader from Google is excited to see companies scale quickly. Our leader from Vitality wants to build the gigantic healthcare business.  Teams are made of individuals who often have different goals, and you have to be flexible to see if you can align their goals with the companies

HTA - What is your secret to attracting investors?

Credibility, Credibility, Credibility. 

1.  Go to people who trust you. Its hard to convince strangers. My first sports rehab clinic, Aspen Back, needed $360k and I had no credit, because I was new to the US. I went to a client who really believed in me. We tried to exceed expectations, so when I needed $1.2m for 2nd.MD, it was a lot easier.

2.  Show them you have skin in the game. When launching Aspen Back, I took every cent of savings to put into the business. When launching 2nd.MD, I sold the clinic and took every cent, and borrowed more to invest in 2nd.MD. My investors never have to wonder if I am all in. They know I will be bankrupt if we don't succeed. This is my strategy and not meant for everyone.

HTA -  What are Medici’s core values?

Ambition - must think big to change the world
Resilient - must be able to deal with setbacks
Creative - creativity is key to solving big problems
Excellence - be excellent in your word, product, and care
Harmonious - must play well with others
Speed - its not the big that eat the small, its the fast that eat the slow

HTA - How do you communicate the strategy to your team?

We have not yet solved communication, but I send a monthly state of the union email, meet with my executive team weekly, and track all of our 'big rocks' for all 8 departments on one page.

HTA - What has surprised you about the Health Care industry?

The biggest surprise for health care is how willing people are to accept an awful experience. They sit in a waiting room for 2 hours, sign and write their name 16 times, and then barely get time with the doctor and they don't even complain. They just expect it. Poor doctors are spending 4 hours on admin, and accepting it. We will not accept it, and we are re-writing the playing field.

HTA - Tell us about your Track & Field career?

Although I was not born with an Olympian's fast twitch fibers, I am so passionate about Track & Field. I am currently expanding my 200m and 400m events to work on the Pentathlon, which means I am learning to long/high jump, hurdle, and throw the discus/javelin. I am a National Champion in a few events in my age group, which usually means the best athletes were injured that day.  :)  

HTA - What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What keeps you up at night?

I get out of bed each morning, because I am excited that we are truly changing the world.
I lose sleep some nights, in that I am not living up to the expectations of my team, investors and God.

HTA - Where do you want Medici to be in 3 years?

We want to be in 50 countries and touching 100 million lives each month.