Adam Dakin

Managing Director


Philadelphia, PA

HTA - Adam Dakin.jpg

Adam  serves  as  the  Managing  Director  of  Dreamit  HealthTech,  a  venture  fund  that accelerates  digital  health  and  medtech  companies.  His  career  has  focused  on  building early  stage  venture-backed  healthtech  companies.  Adam  has  held  various  senior management roles in sales, marketing, product development, clinical affairs, operations, and general management.  He co-founded five health technology companies which have collectively raised over $60M in early stage capital.

Prior  to  Dreamit, Adam  served  as  CEO  PhotoSonix  Medical  (consumer  acne  device), Bioconnect  Systems  (vascular  implant)  and  X-SITE  Medical  (vascular  surgical  device, acquired by Maquet Getinge Group).

Adam  serves  on  the  boards  of  Safkan  Ear  and  ZSX  Medical.  He  is  an  active  angel investor  and  has  served  on  the  boards  of  several  healthtech  companies.  He  is  the  co-chair of the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology (PACT) medical technology advisory board and serves as a Mentor in Residence for the Penn Center for Innovation.  Adam  was  awarded  the  PACT  MedTech  Leadership  Award  in  2014.  He  is  a  named inventor  on  seven  U.S.  patents.   Adam  holds  a  BSE  from  the  Wharton  School  and  an MBA from UCLA.